"Our purpose is to deliver successful results by helping you grow your brand and take your products to the next level."

Who We Are 

Nomidi Corp is an experienced online retailer. Our job is to sell products, but our business is building partnerships with brands. We know how important your brand is; that's why at NOMIDI our business model is to care about you and your product's reputation. Our dedicated team works hard every day to add value beyond only selling your products. We use several sophisticated software to analyze, track and improve your brand's products. We work closely with our partners to understand their vision and goals to take their brand to the next level. It is all about a win-win; we partner with brands who have the same dedication and enthusiasm as we do for growth, success, and achievement.
Brand Growth

We ensure the growth and success of your brand by taking a closer look to the vision and goals you have. 


We use sophisticated software that tracks terabytes of data every second to identify problems. Our dedicated team will ensure that all brand products issues will be resolved in an efficient manner. 

Brand Police

We help the brand to control and protect their products by making sure there are no unauthorized third-party sellers. 

What We Do 

We Manage brand's products 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. 


Sales Growth

We track the current sales volume, and we create strategies to increase it so that everyone can benefit from it.  

Listing Optimization 

Our specialized team takes a closer look to make sure your product is exposed in the marketplace with the current trend. Our optimization goes as far as enhancing pictures, correcting titles and detail description of the product.     

MAP Enforcement

At Nomidi we monitor closely and enforce that minimum advertised price is respected. Protecting the brand is our primary goal. 

Customer Service

We believe that excellent customer service leads to growth; that's why at Nomidi we track every consumer sale to ensure a positive experience. A review is a key factor of social proof. 

Information Shared

We love to share information with our partnerships; making them aware of how their products are doing and what improvements we should make to get exceptional results. 

Marketplace Positioning

As an online expert, our team works hard analyzing the competition and goes above and beyond making sure your brand does not fall behind and always stays on top.    


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"Our only purpose is to deliver satisfactory results and build relationships. "

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